The Sri Lankan Wildlife Adventure

11 days, 10 nights / Price (US$): From $2,975

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a diverse destination with an amazing range of experiences for such a small island. It boasts a varied range of landscapes from golden beaches to rolling hills, forests and lush tea plantations.  Wildlife plays a large role in attracting visitors to the country and is literally everywhere you look: elephants, leopards, crocodiles, monitor lizards, deer and more than 440 species of birds, 33 of which are endemic to the island. Sri Lanka is a small country but big on national parks to preserve a rich variety of wildlife, natural habitats and scenic areas. The island has a long and proud history. Ancient cities included great palaces allowing for lots of crumbling ruins to explore today. The Sri Lankan people are very friendly and helpful and their largely Buddhist citizens have a great respect for life and nature. Due to Sri Lanka’s compact size, it’s easy to travel to an incredibly vast assortment of captivating activities in a relatively short visit.