Rebuilding Nepal

Your help is needed to rebuild Nepal! Damage sustained by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25 (and subsequent aftershocks) has destroyed more than 100,000 homes and killed more than 8,000 people.  We are offering rebuilding expeditions to four different villages, with itineraries ranging from 14-20 days, beginning in October. The villages are those of our affected staff members as well as their neighbors who wouldn’t otherwise be able to rebuild their homes including elderly and disabled people. Each structure will be very personal as you’ll be working side-by-side with local Nepali villagers who are completely invested in bringing their country back up from the rubble. These “VolunTours” will involve trekking to the villages (usually just one day each direction), camping in comfortable tent villages set up by our staff, eating delicious food also prepared by our staff, and participating in a historic rebuilding effort with people of all ages and levels of skill.

Example of tasks you might be assigned:

–       Dig ground for the foundation. (Using shovels and pick axes)
–       Carry rocks, sand, dirt, cement concrete mix.
–       Break rocks.
–       Make paste (mix of cement, sand and water).
–       Help with making windows or doors.
–       Carry drinking water.
–       Cook meals for staff and other participants.
–       Teach English/Math/Science/Art at the school.

Each participant will be asked to raise at least $500 to assist with rebuilding expenses. We can promise you that 100% of that money will go directly to purchasing materials needed for the homes! Because we have ten years of experience building homes and schools in rural regions of Nepal through our 3 Summits for Nepal program, we know what it takes to get this work done effectively and efficiently.  You can trust our expertise and commitment.

You see, rebuilding homes is only part of the equation of bringing Nepal back to her former glory. We are trying to rebuild hope that was lost when the earth shook, homes and schools collapsed, family members died and lives were ripped apart by the tragedy.  These trips are not just about rebuilding homes (although of course that is a big part) but it’s about supporting the Nepali people, sharing a hug or a laugh with someone who’s life has been dramatically interrupted and leaving a lasting mark on the history of that Himalayan nation.

Below are the itineraries for rebuilding trips in Nepal. You can book the trip as is or have our expert destination specialist build a customized trip for you.