Why GAJ for Treks?

Competitive prices: Did you know that Grand Asian Journeys’ Nepal trek prices are about  20-30% less expensive than other major US outfitters’ prices? It’s because we run a Nepal office and have direct access to the best rates and most reliable staff – without the middleman. Other outfitters sell the same trek package for an inflated price and inferior service.

Best Value: Despite being priced competitively, we provide more for less. All our trips include cultural sightseeing in Kathmandu, welcome and farewell dinners at Kathmandu’s best eateries and all transfers. On the lodge treks, all meals are included and clients can choose any item and amount from the menu. Also, treated drinking water is provided three times a day. Additional food and boiled water can add up to US$ 20 per person per day.

We know what we’re doing: We have been organizing treks in Nepal and Tibet for over 20 years. Our guides have between 15 to 25 years of experience and are some of the most wonderful people you will meet in your lifetime.

Staff Care:
We take staff care seriously. For all high altitude treks, we provide solid quality hiking boots, parkas, glacier glasses, warm hats and gloves. Besides some of the best wages in the industry, we also provide meals for our staff and porters, while other companies will only pay a wage to their staff. All our staff are insured and in an emergency, we will arrange for helicopter evacuation of our employees at our expense.


– Is treated or boiled water for drinking included in the trek cost?
– On lodge treks, can I order as much water as I need or is the per day quantity limited?
– Are all my meals on the trek included?
– On lodge treks, can I order as many items from the menu? Or am I only limited to certain items?
– What if I am still hungry because the potions are small? And I need the extra fuel at altitude.
– Is a Gamow Bag (Pressurized altitude chamber) provided on Everest Base Camp or other high altitude treks?
– Are the porters provided meals? Or do they have to buy their own meals?
– What kind of gear do you provide the porters?
– Are the porters provided with good hiking boots? Or do you only provide canvas or army shoes?
– Are the staff insured?
– If required will you pay for staff helicopter evacuation which I understand Nepali insurance companies don’t cover?

While these issues may sound trivial on paper, these are all very important once you are on the ground and trekking. Ask our previous clients what they think about these issues and what we deliver. Upon request, we are glad to provide references from the UK, Australia, Germany, USA and Canada.

SteriPEN: On our Nepal trekking adventures, we provide oneSteriPEN for every two participants (you may choose to bring your own as well.) Grand Asian Journeys recently joined a campaign to encourage travelers to avoid drinking water out of disposable plastic bottles. Travelers around the world discard an estimated 3.5 billion plastic water bottles each year. Plastic waste has become a growing problem in many countries including Nepal. We recommend carrying a reusable water bottle and a SteriPEN to sterilize your drinking water using the water from your hotel’s bathroom tap.

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