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Live Updates on the ground happenings in Nepal - Grand Asian Journeys
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nepal earthquake update

Live Updates on the ground happenings in Nepal

Please support Jwalant’s on-the-ground grassroots relief efforts in Nepal by clicking here:http://www.youcaring.com/jwalantgurung

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This is Pam writing, and I’m writing on behalf of Jwalant who is out in the hills of Nepal delivering goods purchased with money raised to some of the hardest hit villages in the Gorkha region. We are so grateful for the generous support by many of you that is sustaining his superhero-like grassroots efforts. Here’s a brief recap of what he’s done to date:

First a little background… since 2006, 3 Summits for Nepal has endeavored to raise money to build schools in rural areas of the Himalayas with a fundraising climb of Mount Rainier in Washington State each summer, including this summer 2015. And it has done a good job of raising money and building schools that have benefited hundreds of village children who attend schools built with the money raised – over $200,000 – through the 3 Summits for Nepal climbs each summer for the past nine years.

But since the April 25 earthquake in Nepal and the subsequent dramatic aftershocks, the fundraising effort has gotten really personal.  Jwalant created 3 Summits as a way to benefit his Nepali homeland when he was a graduate student at the University of Washington.  Four of Jwalant’s staff have had their villages virtually destroyed by the recent quakes, and Jwalant is doing his best to prepare those villages (and others) before the onset of the coming monsoon.

Here’s an update, directly from Jwalant about the work he’s been doing so far:

“Singla Village (near the epicenter of the first quake in Gorkha): This is the village of one of my guides and also where many of our porters come from, so this was very personal for me. It was my first delivery, and we brought 50 four-season tents, medicine including antibiotics, tarps and 20 sacks of rice. To reach there, we had to walk two days in and two days out, with an additional day of driving to and from the trailhead.

Rumchet Village in Gorkha: We drove one day to the road head at Soti Khola, walked two days into Rumchet, two days back and drove back to Kathmandu. We had 25 porters carrying 150 tarps and medical supplies. My friends then sent another 110 tarps, rice and blankets for other villages along the route.

On the trek to Rumchet Village I met 10-year-old Maya Gurung (photo attached). Her leg had been amputated when it was crushed by a falling rock. Her father was taking her back to their village because they didn’t have enough money to stay in Kathmandu. I encouraged them to come back to Kathmandu and have admitted her in a hospital that will provide her with prosthetic leg for free. My friends have volunteered to pay for her private school education in Kathmandu after her treatment. (CNN also did a story on her telling her story before we met. See that link here:  http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/15/world/nepal-maya-disabled-girl/)

Note: Pam has been in touch with the CNN reporter and she is so delighted to know what happened to Maya after she left the hospital.  She may be running a follow up story to let her readers know in the next day or two.

Richet village in Dhading: We delivered 50 tarps to Dhading besi. The villagers walked for two days to the trailhead, and they will carry the tarps back home. My next drop missions beginning tomorrow are to Kavre, Rasuwa and Yolung. These are all villages of either my guides or my porters. I will be acquiring at least 500 tarps, rice and toys for these villages.”

As of 5/21 he is off to Kavre with a big delivery of relief supplies, and then he will return to Kathmandu to pick up his biggest shipment of supplies yet for our guide Pema’s village Yolung which was very hard hit in the second earthquake. He’ll be bringing with him 300+ sacks of rice, 100+ tarps, toys & medicines. He’s planning to keep up the relief runs until it is possible to begin rebuilding schools in the hardest hit villages.

100% of the funds you donate will benefit the rebuilding of these villages and supplying immediate necessary goods like food, shelter and medicine in the interim, and Jwalant will personally see to it that every penny is accounted for and that good decisions regarding how to spend the funds are made. Donors will have the opportunity to travel to Nepal and one of many rebuilding trips that will be launched soon by Jwalant’s US-based company Grand Asian Journeys. Email Pam if you would like to be on the list to receive information when those trips are announced.

Know that your money is not only tax-deductible (yes, even when given through CrowdRise) but that it will be delivered personally to the people in some of the hardest-hit villages of Nepal. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And feel free to share the site to donate to these efforts with this link:  https://www.crowdrise.com/3summitsnatsuume/fundraiser/jwalantgurung.

THANK YOU for your generosity!

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