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silver lining in nepal earthquake

A silver lining in the Nepal earthquake

A few weeks ago on his way back from delivering a load of relief supplies to a remote village, Jwalant encountered a father carrying his 10-year-old daughter who had just had her leg amputated in Kathmandu. A large rock had fallen off a hillside and crushed young Maya’s left leg. She’d been airlifted from her village to the hospital in Kathmandu, and after the amputation they released her, telling her to come back in a few months for a prosthesis. When Jwalant encountered her and her father, they were distraught and Maya was inconsolable. They were walking towards a village that was virtually wiped off the map, though her family was all OK.  Her family would have a very hard time taking care of their animals, her chores, the younger siblings and Maya without Maya being able to walk. Jwalant convinced them to return to Kathmandu as he had a friend at a local hospital and he would make sure she got a prosthetic leg sooner than that. We are delighted to announce that Maya is currently at the HRDC Hospital in Nepal being fitted for a prosthetic leg! And Jwalant and his friends have agreed to pay for her private school education in Kathmandu when she’s ready to get back in the classroom. Though the road to healing for Maya will be long, we will keep tabs on her, and keep you updated on her progress.

In a small world story, after Jwalant met Maya and we’d promoted their chance encounter on our Facebook page, a client sent us a link to a story that CNN.com had published the day before about her plight, all before their meeting. Here is the original story: See the CNN.com story here.

After we read that story, Pam contacted the reporter to let her know what happened to Maya AFTER her initial story. She was delighted, and ran a follow up story. See that link here.

We’re pretty excited that CNN mentioned Grand Asian Journeys! And Jwalant even got a $100 donation from a stranger as a result of it.


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