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trekking in sacred tsum valley nepal

Trekking in the Sacred Tsum Valley

  Many of my friends from the West have said to me: “Nepalis are some of the friendliest and most charming people on earth.” In over two decades of trekking in Nepal, after my trek to Tsum Valley, I’ve found that the Tsumba’s (inhabitants of the Tsum valley) are the friendliest people in Nepal.”   […]

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ladakh india's last frontier

Ladakh: India’s last frontier

Landing in Leh, Ladakh, at 11,500 ft., brought back memories of my previous trips to Lhasa, Tibet, when I had felt the effects of altitude – that just meant I would have to drink lots of water, abstain from beer, and rest in my hotel room for an entire day before moving around too much. […]

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manaslu circuit tips

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit – the queen of all circuits

The classic Annapurna Circuit Trek for several decades held the title of being the best hiking/trekking trail in the world. This was because of the varied landscape one would trek through – from tropical lowlands with terraced paddy fields to alpine territory where yaks and wild blue sheep grazed together in the barren dust-blown cliffs […]

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