About us

Grand Asian Journeys integrates enriching experiences, authentic culture and local knowledge on memorable adventures. The Grand Asian Journeys’ team has been at the core of establishing high-quality treks and tours for over two decades.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations! Planning a trip to Asia can be a stressful experience if you spend your time reading books, trying to do it all on your own. Working with one of our destination specialists who have been to the places that we sell makes your job easy! Tell us what kind of journey you’d like to take, the level of hotels, about any particular desires or interests and we will create a trip custom-built for you!

We take pride in our work and our reputation, and this is best illustrated by the many repeat customers that we welcome back to Asia who desire utilizing our personalized customer service and experienced touch once again. If you would like, we’re happy to put you in touch with former clients who have used our services before. And, we’re proud of our Better Business Bureau accreditation and rating!

When we decide to offer trips to a particular country, we make sure to focus on creating the most enriching, comfortable experience possible. Balancing locally-owned hotels and authentic experiences with Western comfort, we strive to make each clients experience as unforgettable as possible.

A partnership with Crystal Mountain Treks, the family-owned business of our founder Jwalant Gurung, allows us to offer expert guides who’ve been proving their professionalism and loyalty for years. Crystal Mountain Treks was started by Jwalant’s father Dinesh, who after retiring from the British army worked as manager for the first trekking company in Nepal in the early 1970’s.

Our passion for providing fun, quality journeys is showcased by our dynamic guides, vivid itineraries and hand-picked accommodations on each expert-led journey that we offer. We step further into each enthralling destination with a commitment to local relationships and ensure beneficial contributions are made to the communities who welcome us into their lives.

We look forward to sharing our passion for Asia with you!

Giving Back:

Grand Asian Journey’s recognizes that travel can be hard on a region if it’s not balanced with compassion for the people and places we visit. We strive to give back to the regions we visit as generously as possible each year!

In 2006, Grand Asian Journeys’ founder Jwalant Gurung, had an idea: What if he could combine a fun activity for mountaineers with a charity fundraising activity to support childrens’ education in Nepal. He started 3 Summits for Nepal as an MBA student at the University of Washington and since then the annual “climb with a purpose” has raised more than $110,000 to expand educational opportunities for children from rural areas of Nepal. Money raised through 3 Summits has so far gone to build three much-needed schools in various regions of Nepal where our trekkers often visit.

Since 3 Summits for Nepal strives to give 100% of funds raised to the cause, Grand Asian Journeys enables this by covering 3 Summits’ operational expenses

Grand Asian Journeys also supports projects through direct donations. 2010 beneficiaries include:

  • Hopeful Home, a Kathmandu-based orphanage that provides education for their children.
  • We were pleased to contribute generously to the construction of a much needed medical clinic in the Dolpo region of Nepal, Tsaga Clinic. We will continue to make direct donations that will help cover the operational costs for this clinic.
  • Grand Asian Journeys is the biggest contributor to World Wide Education Partnerships for Nepal’s Boots for Porters program.