About Our Trips

The Grand Asian Journeys’ team has been exploring, traveling and leading tours for decades. There are many ways to travel with us, all of which feature expert guides, top-notch accommodations, local relationships and our commitment to giving back. Trekking or touring, we promise you an unforgettable adventure!


Teahouse treks and camping treks provide a chance to place footsteps on ancient paths. Our trekking journeys give an unfiltered glimpse of entrancing lands. You’ll experience remote villages, friendly locals and pristine, breath-taking nature along the way. To venture on a trek, a positive spirit for adventure and the ability to hike up to 12 miles per day are essential.


Whether your dream is to explore the kaleidoscope of culture in a lively Hindu festival or to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trekking adventure beneath the star-filled Himalayan sky, Grand Asian Journeys has an itinerary to match your dream. Our small group trips are designed for travelers who want to delve into Asia’s magnificent crossroads of culture, scenery and people. Deluxe accommodations and expert guides ensure your comfort at each step of the way.


Our custom treks and journeys are perfect for families, university groups, like-minded friends or professional organizations that want to savor an amazing, personalized travel experience. They allow you to choose the date and the people with whom you’d like to share your journey. Best of all: trip leaders travel free with 10 fully paying participants (on most journeys). Our staff will meld together their travel know-how and passion to create a journey as unique as you.

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Bring the kids on one of our family-focused journeys or adventures. Show them new ways of life, walk new terrain, meet new people and children and unplug them from electronic life. Walk the paths walked for millennia by generations of many cultures. Perhaps you will visit a school or orphanage, or volunteer with a local organization. Our family journeys are customized to each family’s specific needs and children.

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Interested in seeing Asia with a new perspective? Come join us on a journey through the rugged Himalayas, on paths traveled by few Westerners.  Cover more ground, and have a once in a lifetime experience biking your way through Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or Vietnam.

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